Sunday, 14 October 2012

Did I lock the door or not?

Have you ever had the same episode when you go out of the house, get on the bus and suddenly feel uneasy because you don't remember exactly if you locked the door behind you or not?  I had plenty of haunting days because of this. There were times when I couldn't concentrate at work because I was too worried that I might have left the door unlocked.

Then there a couple of times when I couldn't remember if I turned the hob off and all day I was stressing that I could burn the house and that of the neighbours' as well. It was nightmarish.

So I came up to a solution that when I leave the house I'd repeatedly say, "I have locked the door." while performing the action and same is true with the stove. And there was peace at last--of mind, that is.

Well, I am reading the book Ageless Memory, one page at a time, and got to the part where Harry Lorayne talks about the Reminder Principle. I had a strong feeling that the chapter was talking about me but then I realize, well, it's not only me. There are many other people out there who suffer from short-term memory malady as what I used to call it. The book calls it "Absent-mindedness" which was very accurate.

There are many things that occupy my mind and as result I lose focus of what I am doing. I always forget where I keep things. But Harry Lorayne says his mind training is going to change that and according to Time magazine, it's "A never-fail system for remembering everything."

So let's see how effective it's gonna be.

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