Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Ruby Tuesday #2

For my Ruby Tuesday entry this week, I am sharing this photo of my first wedding anniversary from my dear hubby. He was in the UK I was in Sicily and he ordered his brother to buy giant anthuria for the bouquet as it's my favorite plant. The girl is my hubby's niece by the way.

If you missed my first Ruby Tuesday entry click here. It's about Bobby the faithful dog. I'm sure you will love the story behind it.

For more Ruby Tuesday photos click on the badge below.

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  1. i can see why it's your favourite flower..it's gorgeous!

  2. The flowers are gorgeous, I can see why they'd be a favorite. The little girl reminds me of my sister in law when she was a little girl. So, so similar.

    Happy Tuesday....my Ruby entry is also holiday--a continuation of one I did several weeks ago...it's finished now, and decorating our mantle!! come see HERE

  3. quite lovely!
    come and visit my Tueday if you have the time!
    life's beautiful!


  4. For our special day
    an anthuria bouquet—
    what a sweet hubby!

    My Ruby Tuesday

  5. That's an unusual, but beautiful, bouquet. I like anthuria, too. It has a lovely color and is so nicely textured. Congratulations!

  6. @Martha in PA, yea it was quite big. Nothing fancy but the thought matters most.

    @Fickleinpink I will surely come and pay you a visit, thanks.

    @Magical Mystical Teacher thank you for the very lovely haiku. You're wonderful.

    @Auntie E, thanks and happy RT to you as well.

    @Stephanie, Thanks. It IS unusual but it meant a lot to me. Aren't they just exotic?

    @Hootin' Annie, yes, she is and she didn't want me to come back to UK.

    @Marine...You're right. I love its heart shape and its shiny texture and the color is just so vibrant.

    Thank you all so very much for your comments.

  7. That is a beautiful bouquet..

  8. sweet hubby! and he got his brother as accomplice:) that's a nice, beautiful bouquet. My RT is here

  9. @Eden and Marites, thank you. It actually looked so much better in reality than in photo.
    I', on my way to visit yours if I haven't already.

  10. What an impressive bouquet!

  11. Anthuria! New to me. But very impressive! And a happy memory. Thank you for visiting my blog.


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