Saturday, 14 November 2009

Royal Mail chief is paid £1m a year?

According to news, this public servant earns five times more than Gordon Brown, the prime minister. How can that be? Why do they allow such thing here in the UK? How could he sleep at night when the postal workers' pension has a deficit of £10b?

Here's an excerpt from

In the financial year 2008/09, Mr Crozier was paid £633,000 in salary, £139,000 in bonuses, £17,000 in further benefits and £206,000 as a cash supplement in place of a pension payment.
He has banked £2.4million in performance bonuses and £ 3.6million in pay since taking over as chief executive in 2003.
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I used to think graft and corruption only exists in poverty-stricken countries. But as it appeared they are everywhere. Oh yes, I must have been so blind and idiot not to realize that from the very beginning. I think I just don't read too much about other countries' affairs. I only react when my toe has actually been stepped on.
I remember my friend in Bangkok saying that a corrupt politician in the UK wouldn't probably do much harm as it does in Thailand as in the case of Thaksin when he allegedly sold a government share to a Singaporean company and earned around 74b baht.

In the Philippines, politics is considered as the dirtiest of them all and people are sick and tired of them. But even in this rich UK, garapal din sila pagdating sa pera (there are plunderers all the same).

But on the positive note, there are no more postal strikes as both parties have come to an agreement. So I'm happy for the posties and I'm happy because things are back to normal at work--no more half-day works.


  1. good realization! corruption is everywhere. kaya lng di sila kasing-ingay ng media natin so natatabunan gaya dito noon sa thailand. at dahil di sila naghihirap kaya parang okay lng sa kanila.
    yehey, malapit na ako uwi.makakain na naman ng bonuan bangus!!!

  2. teka bakit iba na naman ang itsura nereng blog mo? kakainggit ka naman palibhasa di ako marnong mag-paint huhuhu!

  3. okay ba yan eh yan nga dahilan kaya sila nag-picket. Dami dito mga a few weeks you will learn more.

    yang layout or header dali lang yan cut, copy and paste lang yan


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