Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Today I start a new blog called, Life in the UK although it includes "this is" in the website name because the "lifeintheuk" is already taken by someone else.

In this blog I will scribble my life, happenings, experiences, joys--and frustrations-- as an alien who has chosen to be domiciled in the United Kingdom.

Although there might be some posts which contains negative essence but I will try not to stereotype all the British people in general. So to my readers please be cautious not to take it in general as well.


  1. Hey! It's been so long. I do have a lot of reading to do just to catch up. I miss our Thailand days...

  2. Hi Pre, thanks for stopping by! Yea I missed those days too. Buti na lang we got those beautiful memories to cherish.
    Ingat ka pre. Regards to your wife and baby.


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