Sunday, 22 November 2009

Autumn Leaves | Mellow Yellow Monday

I took this picture from last autumn and I hope it passes the criteria. This was my first autumn ever when I got here in the UK and I was so thrilled to witness the changing of the colours of the leaves. They bring about cheerfulness, gaiety, and fun.

Note: I have just joined this group called Mellow Yellow Monday (MYM) where members post photos of nature or anything yellow. For more MYM posts and photos click here.


  1. Very nice yellow trees, just right for MYM.

  2. Underfoot dry leaves
    crunch and crackle as I step
    through the golden woods.

    My Mellow Yellow

  3. The trees are a lovely shade of yellow!

  4. wowwww!!!! i love those yellow leaves against the red.
    welcome to mym, my dear!

  5. Thanks everyone for your comment. If I have given you one already, I'll do it ASAP. Sorry just too busy at work catching up after the postal strikes.

  6. sorry wasn't able to post for ruby tuesday.can't upload my pix don't know why. i forgot my usb but i have my card reader. it just doesn't work. got to go to urd to buy piano recital outfit for josh. can no longer visit my blogs and friends' blogs due to my tight sked.

  7. Ms Nice, don't worry just enjoy your time with the kids. You can have your pix uploaded in a computer shop and pay about 10 pesos I think.


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