Sunday, 2 September 2012

Wanted: Dishwasher

The dust has settled in the back garden where we just had a barbecue with friends. The plates are emptied, the stomachs are filled, and I am very well pleased there are no leftovers--the best compliment a cook can ever get, more than words can say. I really think my cooking lessons are paying off, thanks to my friend, Mrs  PG who's not just a great vegetarian cook but also a nutrition expert.

Needless to say, I have been enjoying cooking and baking and have even set up my own website, Jem's Recipes. The kitchen has become my favourite place in the house since I moved to the UK, a stark contrast to what I used to be in Bangkok.

But everything nice has got an ugly side of it and for me it's after the party when the pans and dishes, the forks and the knives have just served their purpose and they needed to be scrubbed clean before they can be put away again.

Argh! Why is washing dishes not as enjoyable as cooking and baking?