Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Asian shops abound here

This is a post I have mislaid for a long time because I am always busy as a bumble bee. Anyway, I'd like to go back in time when I first arrived in the UK. My husband took me out for a walk and we passed by a couple of Asian shops but I didn't dare go in because I thought they only sold spicy Indian foods. A couple of weeks later, I found Asian Foodmart which previously was called Filipino shop. There I found mostly Filipino and Thai foods so I was very happy--well I still am. On top of that the owners/managers are Filipinos.
Here's a screen shot of their website which has more Chinese than any south-east Asian touch.

This is just one of the many Asian shops here in Norwich. I think there are about ten of them scattered across the city centre. So even if I'm thousands of miles away from home I can still eat my favorite tom yum, Silver Swan soy sauce or Datu Puti soy sauce with kalamansi, kare-kare*, sinigang*, pinakbet*. They also sell tilapia, bangus (milkfish), kamoteng-kahoy (cassava), ampalaya (bitter gourd), papaya, and all those stuff. They even have banana leaves for baking but oh well, I don't get to buy everything I want like tondan (sweet small bananas with very delicate skin, hence, not suitable for export), malunggay, fresh buko (young coconut)  but at least whenever I fancy a real Filipino food I can just go to any of those shops.
*these are typical Filipino dish

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  1. great, you have an asian shop there! so you won't miss bangus eh. bonuan bay ya? hehehe! thought it's your mellow yellow entry:)

  2. Talaga, may malunggay din? okay eh. dalawang tulog na lng matitikman ko lahat yang mga sinabi mo.wala ba fresh seaweeds diyan as in arorosep? hehehe!

  3. Yes, actually the Filipino shop is very close to our church kaya ang saya.
    Sorry to confuse you but I don't get malunggay, oh wait I think I do but they are frozen.
    I tried to post for MYM but I think it's too late because it was Tuesday night here and when I didn't get any comment I deactivated the link and will put it back next week.

  4. This is awesome. I remember how I felt the first time I entered the Asian supermarket that recently opened up by my house. It was like stepping through automated sliding doors and into Heaven.


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