Tuesday, 29 January 2013

A Metamorphosis

On the way from work, I managed to get a lift from a kind-hearted colleague who lives 3-minute drive away from my house. Another colleague of ours didn't want to come with us because she said it was too early. Then I mentioned that I enjoy more being by myself than with a crowd--virtually all the time. That's because my hobbies consist of mostly one-man activity e.g. needlecraft, cooking and baking, reading, playing piano, writing, and things like that. But in the car I was babbling all the time. However, I wouldn't do that in a company of more than two.

But I am more sociable now. Up until about two years ago, I was the complete opposite of what I am now. I only talked to my innermost circle of friends which usually was not more than the fingers of one hand. I was a teacher and I was extremely introvert. Can you believe that? Now that I work in a book warehouse, I find myself talking and helloing to just anybody, be it the cleaner or the manager. I don't have reservations anymore. I feel like a butterfly who has metamorphosed. I feel free!