Friday, 5 March 2010

The days are getting longer again, Yehey!!

Wow, I can't believe it's March 5 already. Seems like only yesterday was 2009. It seems like only yesterday when the snowy days seem to drag the time at a dead-slow pace. Now the days are getting longer, the sun rises at 7 am and goes down later at around 5 pm. And so people's spirits are going up again and of course the buses come on time now--well almost--they're such a fair-weather friend, LOL!

Like what my colleague says, "Summer HAS to come." Matter of factly. Winter can't have its grip on us forever. No matter what, summer will prevail again to give us some moment of felicity. It's part of life cycle, I mean life. One good thing is I have temporarily done away with my big snow coat. There's no guarantee that snowy days are over. It's only March. When I arrived almost 2 years ago, it was March 21, the first day of Spring and it was snowing. In fact it snowed for the next couple of weeks. So maybe we'll get more chill but I'm crossing my fingers against it.

The month of February got me hooked with Melason in Love. At work I always looked forward to going home and watch Melason on as soon as I switched on my laptop. It's so frivolous especially Melai she's so genuine even if the situation or set-up is so contrived. But today, I got a little disappointed with Jason and maybe I won't be as excited with it again. But in fairness, it kept me away from the shops, Ha! Ha!

Missing the Philippines also makes watch Pinoy bands on youtube and Aegis really got into me especially their song, "Sinta". On Valentines week I found myself belting out this song from morning till night. (grins)

Another thing that's transpired last month is I got my cartoon version but I don't have a name for it yet. I don't wanna call it with my real name but something that's similar but sounds cartoon-ish. So I need a help on this one.

For a while, some feeling of unknown fear gripped me when news broke out about Chile's 8.8 shake and the impending tsunami that was going to smash Philippine shore on the east. I thought to myself, "My poor countrymen, El Niño, corruption, tidal wave... So I sighed a huge sigh of relief when the succeeding news reported that the wave wasn't that big as it had to travel a long way and therefore grew remarkably small when it reached Philippine sea.

Now, it's really dark in my room, I mean outside the window and I hear the spluttering rain. It's time to make some dinner. See you again next episode.