Sunday, 14 February 2010

New pile of snow

It's midnight and I'm still up. I went to bed at around 5 pm and forced myself to doze off a bit and when I got up at ten pm I had a blinding headache. I had to shake it off so I dusted the house and brushed the carpet with cold water to get rid of some mud that have built up.

It's mid-February and I am not done moaning and whining about the snow. In fact we got another one this week and more on the way. Last Wednesday I waited at the bus stop for 45 minutes and even with my snow coat I could feel the chill in my bones and I regret doing overtime at work. I should have finished at half past three pm but there was so much work so I decided to stay a bit longer which was a wrong decision. Luckily I wasn't alone at the bus stop. There was another woman who came just a couple of minutes after me and the bus was supposed to come at around that time but it didn't turn up. There should be another one in 20 minutes but it too didn't turn up. My toes were getting numb and my fingertips felt like exploding -- it was almost unbearable.

When the snow started at lunch time I told my colleagues who were sharing the table with me that I have decided to change my attitude towards it. I have to love it or hate it. And since we might get more in the next couple of month I thought it best to love it--at least I would get excited when it comes again.

Last Wednesday's snow wasn't the dendrite snow but tiny balls like styrofoam and it looked as if a child played with an old ice chest breaking it into and pieces threw them up in the air. This is the type of snow that causes avalanche and it is icy unlike dendrites. It was fun to watch but when my toes and fingertips started to hurt I just shook my head--in disdain. Still there was no sign of the bus.

While the cars, vans, and lorries were taking turn going around the round-about a fire-truck emerged sounding its siren until it came to its exit road. Bored and anxious over my not-turning-up bus I tried to ignore this fire-truck that's coming on my side of the road and fixed my eyes around the corner where the bus is supposed to come anxiously anticipating that the next vehicle coming out is my bus. Bloody fire-truck it sounded its siren  right in front of my face and startled the hell out of me. Embarrassed, I looked at the other woman behind me and we both raised our eyebrows and pursed our lips suppressing a smile. Then we talked to each other. She asked me when the bus was supposed to come and I said around ten past, thirty past and fifty past each hour which means 2 buses hadn't turn up. Well, First buses have a bad reputation of not turning up when you need them most. All the while there were already 2 buses from the other side of the road but not on ours. Another raising of the eyebrows and pursing of lips.

After several minutes longer it started to snow again and the wind was blowing from the west. I was starting to panic as the night was getting darker. Finally at six o'clock in my phone clock a bus came. Whew!