Saturday, 6 March 2010

NHS and the dodgy services by GPs part 1

Okay, imagine me typing on my laptop with Brainbug Nightmare playing in the background. It's making my hubby go ballistic after eating home-made pizza by Brie. For a time being it distracted me from what I'm going to blog about, the dodgy NHS GPs. For the sake of my readers who don't have idea what it is, it means National Health Service (NHS) and General Practice (GP).

Here in the UK, hospitalization is free for everyone who is registered with the NHS. From the outside it looks good but once you get to see a GP you will be surprised to be sent home worse than when you came. Well, I'm a bit exaggerating. The first time I went to see a GP on a Sunday, I had to wait for nearly two hours! I think that's ridiculous! Actually you can only see a GP on Sunday for emergency. Ironically, most patients have to wait 2-3 hours even the pregnant ones. It's so disappointing, really. To make matters worse, GPs are sometimes synonymous to quack doctors. Why? When the doctor finally came to see me and I showed him my swelling and itchy fingers he said that it "could" be an allergy that I picked up from the gym and prescribed anti-itch cream. Nothing happened. The next day, Monday, I went to see my GP up the road. Without so much explanation, she told me that it was a "chilblain and it's very common in this country". The last phrase made me question the ability of the first GP I saw the day before. If chilblain is common how could he not diagnose it? This is just one of the many health check-ups episode I will be talking about.

When I arrived here in the UK two years ago, my weight dramatically dropped  from 43 kg to 38. With my pint size, that's a huge amount to lose. I needed every single gram of it. For two months my monthly visitor didn't come. I was scared as it had never happened before. I was getting paranoid of the thought of contracting cancer. Unfortunately, I couldn't see a GP because I wasn't registered yet. So when my monthly visitor came back I was relieved. But last year it happened again, this time for 3 months. Now that's really scary because I did pregnancy test three times and the result was always negative. If you're a woman and you miss your visitor it is really scary. So I went to see a GP and told me there's nothing wrong with me and then suggested that I get a blood test. Two weeks later, the result came clear. It was relieving on one side but still I wasn't satisfied with the kind of medical treatment I received. I really think they needed to check my ovary or uterus to find out what's wrong inside.

This is UK. Hospitalization may be free but we are not really getting the best medical treatment. Hospitals and equipments could be modern and all that but the doctors are dodgy.

To be continued...