Sunday, 25 October 2009

Today ends the British summer

That means we move one hour backward and it's a good thing really. Time to celebrate over an hour gained which means one hour more to stay late in bed. (Grins)

Well, technically autumn started about a month ago when temperature started to drop and the leaves started to fall. But it's today it officially started when we go back one hour.

As it is Sunday I went to gym (I only get to gym on Sundays now because of my j-o-b) and they announced last week that they're closing at 12 noon. So I went there at 10 am and when I arrived I was a bit surprised the clock said 11:20. I asked the staff to make sure she was aware of the daylight saving time (DST)? And she was. I had just been on the exercise bike when Shaun, the manager arrived and reminded me of their closing time. I confirmed I knew and he said that I got thirty minutes. I told him "No, it's only 10:30 because we went back one hour today." Surprisingly he wasn't aware and insisted it was 11 then checked his phone which apparently didn't have the DST turn on . I also insisted it's 10. So he turned to the guy on the tread mill just across from me and asked as if to get an ally, "It's 11, right?" But the guy put a smile on his face and said it was 10. So Shaun went around the room and asked everyone who confirmed I was right. I had a big grin on my face as if I won a great debate.