Sunday, 25 October 2009

March 21, 2008 Part2 of 2

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o we headed towards the exit and got on a lift. I don't remember if we went up or down...actually did go up and down because Frank couldn't remember where the bus station was and I don't remember anymore either. When we finally got out my misery started as I felt the freezing wind. My bright pink coat, shown in the photo could help but little. Also as I was wearing sandals, my feet were starting to get frozen. No one else was wearing sandals but me. They were all wearing trainers or boots. I almost wanted to cry. That's how bad I felt with the weather. My muscles were constricting and I couldn't walk comfortably .

After 30 enduring minutes the bus came. At last it was warmer inside. It was a 3-hour bus ride from Heathrow airport to Norwich. On the bus I stared rather gloatingly outside the window and all I could see was dead trees confused. I also noticed that most cars are small and surprisingly there are not many mini coopers neutral.

Another sight I couldn't ignore was the ubiquitous daffodils. This time of the year they all come in bloom trumpeting the coming of spring.

Along the way, we passed by small cities and towns and I was rather surprised how small the communities could be. Houses are made of red bricks, built together called terraced houses and they got very small windows. It seemed like an endless journey. I' had been sitting for the last 24 hours on the plane and at the airport and this bus ride was definitely not something I welcomed. I felt so exhausted. I wanted to lie down and catch up on all the sleeping time I lost.

Finally our bus came to its final destination, Norwich Bus Station. If I felt cold in Heathrow here I was going to feel glaciated. It was snowing. Although it was something I had been dreaming of--to experience snow--but it was too early and I was totally unprepared. Once alighted, Frankie had to call Felipe, his tenant, to pick us up. Ten minutes standing outside seemed like a decade. It was almost unbearable.

At last we arrived at home and right away I threw myself on the bed.