Saturday, 24 October 2009

I just don't know how to dress up for winter

This morning as I ponder on what to wear I once again came to a painful realization that I simply don't know how to dress up for winter. Two Sabbaths ago I was wearing my black suede boots and trod on dry leaves along the path enjoying the sound they make under my feet. When I arrived at the church and looked down on my boots my jaw dropped open. There were bits of leaves sticking all over. I think some of them looked like letters I-D-I-O-T. I brushed off the bigger bits but the tiny ones. Then I spotted someone throwing a quick glance at my boots. I felt all the more abashed and wanted to disappear quickly but I pretended to look calm and confident.

Today I decided to render justice on myself for the embarrassment I had just experienced. Black skirts, thick block stockings, white top, brown coat matched by brown leather boots. Oh no, I changed my mind and wore the another suede but brown boots this time. But I didn't feel all right. I asked my hubby how I looked and he said it was okay because my coat and my boots match. For the first time I went out there feeling comfortable.

Not having worn winter clothes all my life until I came to the UK, I find myself perplexed about dressing up appropriately for the weather. Sometimes I feel that I overdress--like wearing too many layers of clothes and then find many people in the city wearing only a t-shirt whereas I usually am bundled up. LOL!

British have a good sense of fashion and I love the way their women dress up especially during winter, autumn and spring. They look so smart with boots on, scarf and sometimes a hat. For me who prefers to dress up simply I always find myself floundering in this area especially at this time. With my height and size, I usually find clothes in the children's department. But that would mean I would look like a girl with my chosen attire. Another thing is I don't want to look like a posh. On the other hand I don't wanna look sloppy either.

I remember when I first arrived it was the beginning of spring but still snowing. With all of those clothes I brought from Thailand, I couldn't find a single piece of clothing that was appropriate for the weather. I didn't even have a pair of socks. How diputs (spelled backwards) you say.


  1. Hi, just came across your site and I come from asia as well, seeking help on how to dress in winter too! :S

    Hope you have managed to find some fun outfits... Thanks for sharing!

    Love, Estelle

  2. hi...
    miss london... just back from london 3 months ago..:-)


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