Sunday, 10 October 2010

Of Shoes and Fashion

The other day I was flipping on facebook when my attention was caught by a shoe ad display. I clicked the link to the site and instantaneously fell in love with the shoes. Well, they're Italian shoes so it's very difficult not to covet for them.

This one's really got my attention, admiration, ambition and all. I'm so enamoured with it. Which woman wouldn't? It costs around £40 but I could save all my snack money for it. (Another vanity of vanities!) Unfortunately they're too high for me! The heels' are gonna kill me! I'm not someone who sacrifices comfort for fashion. I'd rather be scruffy but comfy rather than fabulous but dolorous.

Hang on a minute, perhaps I could send a copy of the photo to Marikina shoemakers, hmmm!


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