Sunday, 26 September 2010

Cooking is getting bad

I made pizza today and for the third time in a row my baking has failed. I haven't been baking lately. Well, I made cassava cake for my hubby's birthday and it turned out good but my bread making is going down the drain. Hmmm, I'm not amused and husband is not impressed either. He even told me off that I'm getting worse instead of getting better.

I didn't know baking skill would wane if not utilised for some time like any other skill. (But of course, Scribbler, what do you expect?) Okay, okay, I made a mistake. Can I not make a mistake? (Yes, of course you can. It's your prerogative, duh! But three times in a row? Where's your brain gone?) Sorry! I just am too preoccupied with other stuff and I was not putting my heart into baking. (Excuses, excuses.) Please, give me another chance. I promise I'll try to make it up next time

Actually, I used to be getting good in cooking and baking. I even started a blog about my recipes here. In fact my sister-in-law was so impressed at my baking when I made some pan de sal a few months back. But alas, the skill is deteriorating. Anyway, click on the pizza to see some of my simple recipes.