Monday, 24 May 2010

It's finally here!!

I mean, summer! Although British Summer officially began last month when we turned the clock one hour ahead on Easter day. Oh well, I haven't done talking about the weather, am I?. Here in the UK you can't possibly skip the weather topic every single day of the year.

Last week while waiting for the bus we were shivering when the cold wind blew and my colleague asked, "When is it gonna get better?" You see? If they--the English--are longing for warm weather, how much more do you think I am? Last week's temperature was between 7 and 14 C and it even went down to 1C at one point.

After the long harsh winter, everyone is just longing for the sunshiny day. Luckily, last weekend we were treated with temperatures rising up to 24 and carried on until today, it's just fantastic! My colleagues ask me if I am happy now. I can't complain anymore although at night it feels so hot I want to sleep naked.

One disadvantage though, my plants need more watering.