Sunday, 16 May 2010

We had a barbecue today

It's not yet the best Sunday of the year but we already got a barbecue.Three Italian Stallions, an English, a Scottish, and a Filipina (women, that is). We got sunny spells and chilly breeze alternately and in between we were donning on and off sunglasses and coat. We just got to have a barbecue day today. We can't wait for the weather to get better and it's the middle of May, for Pete's sake!

Last week was chilly and on Tuesday when I went to work at 7 am it was 1°C. After braving one of the worst winters in the UK I am terribly DESPERATE for summer. So learning about the rising temperature, my little society met up for a chat over barbecue. It was awesome! We hope to do it again next Sunday.

While we were brooding about the weather I realized barbecue is not a biggie in the Philippines. Everyday is basically a barbecue day. Here in the UK barbecueing is like celebrating for the sunshiny day. And then we talked about the latest winner of Euro million who is from the UK which until today no one has come to claim it yet and it's a whooping €84M! We all were like "If I'd won that much blah blah blah..." and I quipped "bye bye England!" And to tell you frankly it's not only us immigrants who hate the English weather. Even English themselves. Ever since I came here 2 years ago there hardly is a day where weather is not talked about.