Wednesday, 30 December 2009

We live to work

Yes, that's what life is here in the UK. We live to work.

When my alarm went off this morning I didn't feel like getting up and stayed longer. Then I jerked when I saw it was 5.35 am. I rushed to the shower and while blowdrying my hair, put the bread in the oven and heated the left-over food--monggo and rice.

As I was waiting for the bus with my bus-stop mate, I couldn't help but express my what was in my mind--frustration over the crappy First Bus service and the crappy weather. Unfortunately, most people here in the UK live to work. That's what life is. People from all over the world come here to work. We're like the busy bees working our ass off to make honey.

Some people choose to just receive government benefits but the money bag is bucked by the workforce like me.

inaantok na ako..i'll continue this tomorrow.