Thursday, 31 December 2009

2009 in Review

Before the 2009 bids farewell, here's a review of how my year went.

January, I got jobless right after the first week. I learned about affiliate marketing and purchased my own domain name. But it's rather embarrassing so I better not tell you what it is.

February, six months after submitting my application for residence card, it hasn't arrived and so I am still jobless.

March, visited Edinburgh and fell in love with this enchanting city.

April, revisited our friends in Suffolk who advised me to write the Home Office as eight months of holding my passport is quite unexplainable and illegal. So I did write to the HO stating that my passport was expiring in November so they needed to expedite the approval of my application.

May, two weeks later, my passport arrived with the residence documentation of course. I felt ecstatic. After 9 months of not having my passport I felt like I won the euro million lottery. By the fourth week, I got a job again.

June, working with Harford Manor school and meeting wonderful kids. End of month over the Alps toward Sicily. I met my brothers-in-law and father-in-law.

July, first wedding anniversary and we were not together. (sad) I was looking after my dear sister-in-law who had an operation after falling from a cherry tree.

August, visited other Sicilian cities such as Noto and Ragusa Ibla, these are two magnificent ancient cities like Edinburgh and so they are also enchanting. Also the prickly pears and almonds are ready. End of month, back to England. Ah! the cool, refreshing breeze after the scorching heat of Sicilian summer.

September, started working full-time. Thanks God, Yey!!

October, ummm can't remember pretty well...oh, yea, I started this blog LOL!

November, renewed my passport.

December, got a machine-readable passport. Spent Christmas alone. But nevertheless, am thankful to God for all His wonderful blessings.