Thursday, 3 December 2009

Can't believe it's Friday tomorrow

When I filled my timesheet today I couldn't believe the week's almost gone again. It seems like yesterday was only Monday. Well, this week hasn't been so good weather-wise as the temperature dropped to about 5 and in the morning it's really freezing. I hate it when I'm waiting at the bus stop and also the 7-10 minute brisk walk from from the bus stop to where I work. Earlier this week when I got off the bus it was windy and drizzling and using an umbrella is not a wise thing to do as it might carry me away.

But I'm thankful for my newly purchased snow shoes because they are really warm and comfortable. Lined with fleece and very light, my new waterproof shoes are heaven-sent because I don't get freezing toes anymore.

I have been wanting to buy a really nice warm coat so I don't have to wear up to four layers of jumpers. Even with 4 layers I still feel the cold permeating through my thin layer of muscle up to my bones. I want a coat with fur lining but the ones I saw don't have fur lining in the sleeves where I feel the cold most.

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  1. You are already listed in the official registry of Filipinos Unite!!!. Thank you so much for joining. God bless you always.


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