Saturday, 5 December 2009

What's cooking?

I mean literally. What am cooking? I was making a dough for pizza (I was standing on the chair in this photo). When I came to the UK I only had tiny little interest but a very old time experience in cooking and baking. I said old because I had been cooking since I was a little girl. My mother used to make rice cakes and I was always assisting her although most of my jobs were to check the fire and add more coals or firewood and sometimes preparing ingredients. The only things I could cook was rice, fried fish, boiled eggs, steamed vegetable, roasted saba (a type of cooking banana) and/or sweet potato and the likes.

Coming to a completely different cultural environment, I had no choice but to brush up on my cooking skill and utilize it and enhance it. Before long I have learned to make simple Italian foods. Not only that I also got better and learned to bake cakes and so for a time I have indulged myself in making my favourite chocolate cake.

But my greatest culinary reward was when I learned to make loaf bread. It was for me one of my greatest achievement in the field of cooking. I learned it by watching a video on-line. Here's a photo of my first ever loaf bread.
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  1. Heyy, musta ka na?
    Aba, bongga siya at marunong na mag-bake ng bread! Ako din gusto ko na umuwi ng Pinas para makapag-bake na rin ako. Miss ko na gumawa ng lasagna, my own pizza at cassava cake.


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