Saturday, 7 November 2009

Complacency cost me £70, Whew!

esterday hubby and I had a very crazy day. Arriving in London at 3.41 pm we had less than 20 minutes to get out of the tube and then to the Phil embassy and then back again to the subway to get an ID. In 30 minutes I managed to finish but with the help of my irritated husband because I didn't prepare anything and he had to get out again to get some money for the application fee. Although I was not the last one to arrive at the embassy but since I had to fill up the application form and do everything in there I was pushed last. I finally was done a little after 5 pm and it was Friday! Good thing the people at the Phil embassy in London are so much nicer than the ones in Bangkok. Whoever here has been  there I'm sure you have met that "taray" lady who works there.

I'm always like this and I just never learn. Earlier in the morning I was online and chatted with my friends in Bangkok. At ten o'clock I shut down my laptop to make some arrozcaldo (sticky rice porridge) believing all the while that we'll make it to the bus station by 11.30. When we got there we realized that our departure was 10.30. we're late an hour and so I had to buy another ticket which cost £50 whereas our online ticket we booked earlier costs only £24 return. Life! I mean how stupid can one get--that's me. And that £50 only took us to Stanstead airport. We had to get another bus to go to centre of London and that was another £19.

To add insult to the injury, on our way home the bus was late an hour and all they can do is "apologize". When passengers are late, they buy another ticket. When the bus is late, sorry is all we get. I told my husband, "I don't want to use this bus again!" But what choice do I have?

This is the not first time it came late and they don't come 10 or 15 minutes late but ONE friggin hour! And there is no provision made for the poor passengers.

Before posting this blog I went to national express site and wrote a complain about this malpractice on their side. I really think that they should refund the passengers when their bus is an hour late because they are wasting our time. Though I'm pretty sure the complain will fall on deaf ears but at least I voiced out my concern and blogged it out too. It's obviously an abuse to the general public.