Sunday, 8 November 2009

The Beautiful Hyacinthus

Who is not in love with the lovely hyacinths? This is one of my delights here in the UK. I love them so much and when I saw them in the shop I couldn't help but express my admiration. The following day my husband bought me a plant with 3 bulbs in a pot.

When I was in Thailand I bought my mother a bulb for 40Baht believing it was a hyacinth because the seller had photos of them in different colors. I wanted to buy 2 buy it was too much for one bulb. But when mom planted it and the leaves started to come out it looked like the normal two-lovers. We had been tricked!

On another occasion I saw them again in China town and they were so much cheaper--20baht per bulb. I had not learned from my mistake, I bought 3 bulbs this time and sent them to my mother in the Philippines. A couple of months later, mom told me they were two-lovers again! So that's it. I never bought them again.

Surprisingly, hyacinths originally came from Arabia as opposed to what I had always believed that they were European flowers. Which means they should grow pretty well in Asia if weather is the issue.

So last week when I sent a box to my mom in the Philippines I put in six hyacinth bulbs of different colors, blue, dark and light pink, peach, purple and light purple.


  1. Haven't seen real hyacinth like this yet. Only the water hyacinth but even that is already beautiful to me. Hope what you sent to your mom will grow in pinas. and hope to see it in your garden someday.hayyy, when can i reach your place i've been dreaming of?

  2. I know, when I saw them in Carrefour the plastic one I was really captivated. Here it's growing in my garden. The ones my husband gave me last year i just replanted them again for next spring. Don't worry if I get a chance i'll send some to you as well but I doubt if they can go through in the post. the one in the picture is in our front graden.


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