Thursday, 29 October 2009

Not so bad today

So far it wasn't that bad today because we were occupied until about the eleventh hour and the weather was good. It was foggy in the morning but the sun was out early and when I finished work at four pm the sun was still quite visible. However, when I going about in the city just an hour later, darkness! confused

I just feel worried about this postal strike. Of course I understand the plight of the posties and the plan of Royal Mail to modernize. Unfortunately, someone or something has to suffer or give way to embrace modernization. As the strike goes on, many are affected especially online business such as ebay sellers and buyers and other online retailers. Also for people who are expecting important letters it puts them in some kind of uncertainties.
Here's a few tidbits about the postal strikes

Oct. 29 (Thursday) 43,700 Mail centre staff and drivers walked out
Oct 30 (Friday) 400 Sorting office staff are going on "self-declared holiday"rolleyes
Oct 31 (Saturday) around 80,000 delivery and collection staff will rest from work rolleyesrolleyes

Watch this video from bbc to get more details of the postal strike news.