Sunday, 8 May 2011

Norwich Canaries back to Premier League

It's been quite a festive season for the Canaries for two years in a row. On the 2nd of May this year they made a comeback to the Premier League after winning 1-0 against Portsmouth. After being relegated from Championship League in 2009 which they dubbed as shameful, they actually sprang up even higher and came up as champions for League 1. Back to Championship League for 2010-2011, their recent winning against Portsmouth is another cause for an even bigger celebration than last year.

I still recall vividly how Castle Meadow and St. Stephen St were packed when they paraded last year as the champions for League 1. Back then, a colleague told me that he wasn't at all excited about it because they were actually losers the year before. So it wasn't even necessary to celebrate. But looking back now, I think it was all worth it.

Anyway, what does being in the Premier League entail? So much more excitement and economic boost for Norwich City not to mention the team will get at least "£90m even if they last only one season in the elite league"*. Hurray for the Canaries! Way to go!

*David Cuffley, 2011. Canaries have to back my Premier plans -- Lambert. Norwich Evening News, 7 May p.47a.