Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Ryanair name change for £10 only plus call and fax charges

This post has now been moved to How to get Ryanair change your name for only £10 or even free.

I have just successfully had Ryanair change my name for an admin fee of £10 plus call and fax charges of approximately £6.

This is what happened. My husband booked a flight with Ryanair and used my married name. However, my passport is still in my maiden name and this was going to be problematic when I check in because it clearly states in their policy that the ID/Passport name should match the name on the ticket.

I read some forums and rants about this issue and it appeared like I was going to buy another ticket when I check-in or they won't let me fly. Their website FAQ states that a name change costs £100. So it's better to buy a new one because it sometimes costs less than that. Or I could change my passport which would cost roughly £200 including train tickets. I don't know why they didn't explain it clearly in their FAQs that there is another way to change name by calling them.