Tuesday, 24 August 2010

Now about the tax

Last year I was better off because I haven't been paying the tax and the only deduction I got was the National Insurance and it wasn't so much. But this year, came April, my net pay got lower and it hurts. April and May were two very busy months at work and I got loads of overtime. I was kinda excited because I was getting ten hours more per week and but when I got my first payslip for the current tax year my eyes popped out of their socket when I saw how much tax was deducted. Almost all of my overtime pay went to the bloodsucking taxman. I felt betrayed, abused, and exploited. My shoulders dropped and I fell silent as I sat there in utter disbelief!

Suddenly I felt the weight of whole world resting on my shoulders as I recalled how I laboured in vain for few extra hours each day. I tried to work harder to buy myself nice stuff and save extra pennies for travel and extra treats. But they grabbed it from my grip in front of my very eyes.

No wonder not many people at work want to do overtime. In fact there are only a couple of us who would stay longer to finish the job before they accumulate and form a mountain.

Well, I guess this is how UK is supporting her politicians and council workers.


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