Monday, 23 August 2010

Bad weather and First Bus equals people stranded on bus stops

When I arrived in the city at 5.40pm the rain was pouring heavily. At the bus stop I spotted a guy in purple shirt with weird black and blond hair who uses No.9 so I reckoned the bus hasn't come. I checked the time in the monitor. It was 5:44 and No. 9 would be coming at 5:48. Knowing there's another trip at around 6:08 pm I went Chapelfield to check out the cameras. Before it turned 6 o'clock I headed back to the bus stop. To my surprise the guy was was still there and I was kinda glad I didn't wait for the 5.48 bus or I would have been stood up like him.

Hoping No.9 would come in a few minutes I stood there with the rest of the stranded crowd. The rain was pouring more gratuitously. My feet were getting sore but I couldn't sit because the shed wasn't covered enough and everybody was standing by the shops, away from the torrential rain. But as always, when the weather is bad, First buses don't turn up. They've got this "bad reputation" of leaving passengers in the rain, in the snow. It's so annoying. The bus schedule had been overdue. All of us were hopelessly anticipating for no.9 and our necks were extending beyond but no No. 9 in sight. Finally at around 6:14 we saw the no 9 but to our dismay it said "SORRY NOT IN SERVICE"!!! How insolent! Five minutes later it came and the driver kindly told us that no.9 is finished but he would take us to Vulcan Road--the terminal. Inside, a baby in a pram was soaking wet. His mother and sister were also wet. Poor thing, they must have been standing in an open bus stop while it was raining cats and dogs.

I really don't understand why First Bus drivers do this to the public. Every six months they raise the fare but their service customer service is loathsome! They need to be boycotted. The public must do something to give them a lesson. However, I must also voice out my appreciation to a few drivers who give good customer service.

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