Friday, 25 June 2010

In the eyes of a child

Charmaine: Judy, you're so small...
Judy: (Cuts in) Dropped her jaw and pulled a deep sigh..: I hate you, Charmaine, bo ho, bo ho! :'(
Mom: Charmaine, I told you you shouldn't tell people they are small. That's offensive. Look at her, she's crying.
Charmaine: Come on Judy, let me give you a hug...(Comes to Judy and hug hug) I was going to say, I wish I    
                  could give you my height.
Judy: (Dropped her jaw again and :-O) I love you, Charmaine. I wish I had your height.
Charmaine: I wish I would shrink.

Charmaine is 10 years old and stands 5.4