Saturday, 5 June 2010

I almost fell for Amazon credit card

0% on all purchases for the first 9 months
0% on balance transfers made now for the first 12 months (3% fee applies)
£15 credited to your card when you spend £25 within the first 60 days

These are the baits that will whet your appetite when you make a purchase on Amazon. I saw it first time when I was buying my cellphone case. It was very enticing because it makes you believe that you're actually going to get the item for free because of the £15 credit you will get--IF your application gets approved, that is. However, fate had it that I didn't get one.

Today, I just purchased a songbook worth £5.85 and again they tried to lure me--and they almost did! Who wouldn't want a free stuff after all? Anyway, I went to the application page and did stages 1 and 2 which are personal and bank details respectively. Then before I hit the final button, my synapse functioned just in time to alert me to check for reviews of the product first.

So I googled "Amazon credit card review" and noticed one result shows 1 star (from and another 4 stars (from I opened them in two different tabs. I happened to read the one star review first. At the time of posting the last review was posted 5 May 2010. I was petrified! 15 I was like "Phew! I almost fell for that!" Then I read the 4 star reviews. There was only one review made this year so far and the rest were dated 2008-9. So having been hampered by the lone star reviews, I went back to application page and clicked that little x in the top right-hand corner.