Sunday, 6 June 2010

An evening out with Vivaldi

No, not tonight. It was last month. I just forgot to blog it and I was too busy.

I thought people would be dressing up nicely or formally like I see in the movie. I put on a black dress and topped it with a black coat. But when I got there, some people were wearing jeans and summer tops. I felt like overdressed and uneasy. But there were some who came in formal evening dress as well, so in the end I felt comfortable.

Anyway, it was my first time to be watching the full concert of Vivaldi's Four Seasons performed by the Academy of Ancient Music (pictured above). Prior to that I have only heard the first song which is the "Primavera". I came rather early so I sat there by myself for about 10 minutes which felt like ages. I was going to come with sis-in-law but she stayed in Sicily when we went there in April. Husband wanted to rest because he was getting up early but was kind enough to give me a lift. When I bought the ticket I thought I was going to sit at the back of the backseat of the hall and me thought it was okay because the hall was not so big anyway. But when I asked the ushers where I could sit they pointed me the side of the hall behind the big pillars (gasped!). It's okay, I thought. I would still hear the concert even if I don't see the whole orchestra. So I picked a seat by the aisle just in case I wanted to go early.

Finally, the orchestra entered and I heaved a big sigh of relief. I could only see three of them because because of the enormous pillar in front of me. When they played Primavera it sets the mood of the night all right. It was a bit chilly outside Andrews Hall where the concert was but Vivaldi's ingenious composition warms the atmosphere. I couldn't help move my head to their music. Through the songs I could imagine the beauty of spring as the leaves start to bud and flowers begin to bloom. I imagined happy children playing in the park on a sunshiny day, hopping and running around. I also imagined the raindrops spluttering on the roof. And then the mood was moving to autumn. The wind was getting strong and dried leaves are falling. Then it's winter! It's snowing. Sometimes heavy sometimes light.

It was such a fantastic concert. Vivaldi is such a genius transliterating the sounds of the seasons into music.