Thursday, 7 January 2010

UK's coldest winter in 30 years

When I woke up this morning I felt so warm and the thought of feeling cold outside on my way to work was too dreadful I sat on the bed and cried. I didn't want to get out of bed and and go to work. With a heavy sigh, I checked the window in the loft and there was just a frost so I gathered myself--after about 30 minutes of whimpering--and got dressed.  I had no idea what was happening outside but today hubby offered to give me a lift to the bus station.

When I opened the window I was met with about four inches of snow at the doorstep.

It's been snowing since mid December and they say this cold snap is the longest since 1981 and also the coldest in 30 years. Forecasters are even saying that there is no end in sight yet. When I first came to UK about 2 years ago it was always raining and the following year which was last year we had a looong summer. So I thought winter wasn't going to be this bad.

The bus was running less than 10 mph and when I got off my mood shifted. I enjoyed walking on the soft snow and couldn't hide my excitement. I guess I just needed to capture that moment because I won't have many of them during these time of the year. My two colleagues were sharing my laughter as I chomped, "It's fun, it's fun!" while walking amidst the snowfall.

Well, the excitement was too short. Because when I was walking home I felt the cold in my bones and that's what I was dreading this morning. My ears felt numb as if they were going to fall off. I gritted my teeth as I endure the harsh whips of the cold wind.

Oh please, let me go back to Philippines or Thailand.

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