Saturday, 16 January 2010

Rays of hope

These past few days have been really nice as the the mercury has gone up a bit. Sure the snow was a sight to see but for someone like me who gets up at break of dawn and goes to work by bus which means waiting at open-aired bus stops, it's definitely not something exciting.

Checking the weather forecast is something I have learned to do on a daily basis. So whenever I see the golden sun in the picture it already brings a smile to my face.

These past few weeks of snow gave me abnormal mood swings. Twice I came to the point of checking for a flight online and several times I cried over the freezing cold. There were days the wind was so keen it got through me I could even feel the chill in my bones. In my face I felt as if gazillions of microscopic needles pricking non-stop it was unbearable. If it continued for another week I think I'd end up in the hospital.

So I'm really glad it has given me a breathing space when the snow has stopped but I really hope that's it for this year. I don't want any more snow in the next few months. I can't wait for spring and finally summer to come.