Saturday, 23 January 2010

MOT Testers are a rip-off

When the mechanic told my husband the car needed a fix here and there to pass the MOT test I had a bad feeling about it because of the extra money we had to pay.  But I didn't know so much about it so I kept quiet.  I thought MOT tests are carried out by government agencies. But a few weeks ago a colleague told of her experience. She went to this MOT garage and the mechanic handed her a long list of apparently "faults" in her car that needed fixing and it was gonna cost her around £2000. Her car is not new and probably cost about that much when she bought it so paying that much for a service is ridiculously insane! It's like buying a new car--I mean another car, a used one. But she didn't let the mechanic fool her and took her car to another garage who gave her the MOT certificate without fixing a thing. So she just paid the testing fee. And that was when my opinion was kinda validated.

I don't understand why these loopholes in the UK government system.