Thursday, 24 December 2009

This Christmas Eve


I checked my pocket for the umpteenth time to make sure I got the key before closing the door behind me. If I locked myself out there's no way I could get in the house and I'd probably die in the cold. There's nowhere to go to--at least I thought. I paused until the reality has finally sunk in that I got the key. I'm home alone!

My day started by walking for a little more than a kilometer to a bus stop where there are more buses. I needed to do it because I had to get to work half an hour earlier and finish earlier as it's Xmas eve. Normally, I catch a bus just up the road. But for three days in a row this week, the buses came really late causing me to miss the next bus to get to work. So instead of standing there in the cold for about half an hour I decided to just walk. With my newly purchased quilted coat, I felt really warm and didn't mind the cold. But after the rain, the hardened snow has become really slippery so I couldn't walk as fast as I wanted to. To add insult to the injury, three buses came passing me by. Unfortunately I was halfway in between the bus stops.

As I was crossing the road to my stop a bus was passing by and I tried to stop it to wait for me but the driver's heart was as cold as the hardened snow. I couldn't stop but to say, "Evil, you're an evil!" as if he could hear me. While waiting for the next bus I felt a pang of hunger. I had a big bowl of pasta for breakfast but I don't know why I felt hungry again after about an hour.  A couple of minutes later a bus was approaching again and it looked familiar. So I muttered to myself, "Don't tell me it's 26" -- it's the bus I usually catch up the road. And it is! How interesting, isn't it? I walked that far traversing a slippery icy road on a cold Dec 24 morning to catch the bus that I could have otherwise caught up the road. As soon as I seated, I told myself, "This is life!! with a sigh!

Anyway, at least I got to work just in time. My nose felt numb because of the cold. I wish I had even a minute to sip a hot chocolate and warm up my bloody red nose.

Normal day at work

When I entered the office I expected everybody or at least most in my team to be donning a Xmas hat but only half of them did and I hesitated for awhile to wear mine. Meanwhile, I started my main routine for the day--writing letters. I was rather quick today. I thought I was going to work whole day until 3 pm but by noon there was no more work. I was happy to go home early even if it would mean less pay. But amazingly, they're gonna pay us whole day today.

Be kind to animals

I wanted to do some window shopping but I thought about kikiriki (our hen) and decided to check on her and bring her more food. I checked the bus schedule and gladly there was one coming in a few minutes--if I'm lucky, which I am, thankfully. The road to the allotment was icy as expected and twice or thrice I almost fell on my butt so I had to walk down the pedestal where the cars' tires have been and so it was clean. But it was dangerous as some people do love to speed even in this situation.

The gate was still locked at half past two pm and I thought that nobody wanted to visit their garden today. Unbelievably, Kikiriki has almost finished her food. I gave her a large box filled with grains on Sunday and I couldn't believe she's eaten all that. I gave her more pellets but I think she doesn't like it very much. But she has to eat if she doesn't want to starve. I also brought her warm water.

On the way home I took another route and asked the kind driver to drop me at the park. It's much closer to walk but I think I made a regrettable choice. The park was more icy than the road. What do you expect? No cars passing by and so the ice stayed on the ground. I had to walk really slow.

Christmas dinner

I didn't feel making any food at all. I had banana, Fuji apple and crisps.

I ended this day talking to my husband and chatting to my nephew.

Merry Christmas to all!