Sunday, 15 November 2009

Why online shopping is better--and why it's not

For months I had been scouting for nice pair of black boots but not until lately did the shops display more style. I went to try them at Shoe Zone, Mr. Shoes, Clarke, Marks & Spencer and other shoe shops but nothing really fir my finicky feet and my fussiness. Well, when you go shopping for shoes and clothes you better make sure you are comfortable wearing them, won't you? For me the number one criterion is comfort and number two is design, and then the price.

To make things short, I saw these cool, super comfortable boots from Barrats. Earlier this week I got an email from them with a discount voucher if I purchase online. But I don't want to buy shoes or boots unless I have not tried them on. So I went to the shop to try the ones I liked but they didn't feel very comfortable. So even if they were cheaper I didn't go for them. Good thing there's a similar design but £10 more expensive. But what is a tenner when comfort is at play? I am so relieved I didn't buy online otherwise returning them would cost a little bit of a hassle.

So I bought them from the shop thinking that the cost of postage would equal to 20% of the price but when I calculated I would still gain £5. So I took them back to the shop and decided to buy them online.

You see, here in the UK online shopping is becoming more and more popular and most of the time you get a better deal. Same thing as when you book for flight online.