Thursday, 26 November 2009

First Bus drivers, some are good some are bad

The author of this post is just so happy that she can take the bus to work with the minimum fare--£16/week or £56/month. There are a handful of bus services in her city but this one's the only one that takes her closest to her workplace--the First Bus. Interestingly, the minimum fare is not the same all over the land. A one day unlimited pass costs between £2 - £6.60 depending on how the area I guess.

Anyway, the point that the author wants to make is this. These buses are oftentimes late. Sometimes 5 minutes and on worse occasions up to 50 minutes or more. This is really annoying especially when the weather is inclement and you're at the bus stop without a shade which is likely most of them.

Some drivers are nice and considerate. Once, the author was running late and she was running uphill to the bus stop when the bus came. Good thing the driver spotted her and waited for her to cross the road. But others are nasty and inconsiderate because once they have closed the door and you were late for even just a fraction of a second they won't pick you up. They seldom get to the bus stop right on time and when they do they don't show mercy. Whereas passengers always lose time waiting for them to arrive because they got stuck in the traffic jam etc, etc.

Many times, the author wishes she had more options. But she thinks that the reason why this bus company is not really keen on improving their public service is because there's no competition so passengers don't have a choice really.