Sunday, 29 November 2009

Ode to the kind First Bus Driver

Twas a nice Friday morning
The weather outside was beaconing
of a rare sunny day in winter

Time was short and even though
There was a cake
For a friend I needed to wrap
Grabbed I my rucksack
And bid my hubby to post the cake for me

Off I rushed outside the door
The bus would be there at the bus stop soon
And up the hill with might I ran

Halfway through the bus stop I spotted
The bus had come and soon will leave
Gathered all the strength I have
Doubled the speed of my tiny feet.

Slowly the bus started to roll off
The kind bus driver his attention I caught
Faintly I uttered for him to stop and wait

He surely was a kind old man
His kindness be blessed all the days of his life
For he pressed the brake to wait for me.

My heart a-pounding fast it was really deafening
In my chest I felt an agonizing pain
But my heart was filled
With thanksgiving a genuine
For the kind old man who's behind the wheel.

May his joys be multiplied
and all his kind deeds be blessed.

1 comment:

  1. touching naman yong poem mo parang napapanood ko ang nangyayari. You can easily get the suited word that strikes the readers' inner thought and awakens their panoramic senses as they read..


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