Friday, 23 October 2009

Postal strike made me come home early

All of us temps were sent home early today because there was not much to do at work. Why? Because around 80,000 postal workers are on strike.

Working for an insurance company, I am one of those who send back original documents sent by clients for identity verification. Of course we don't just send them back like that. We have to send a letter along telling the clients we are now returning their documents blah blah blah.

Normally we get hundreds and thousands of letters a day but today there were only tens and ones and I think this postal strike might cause some people's job moribund. Maybe I'm just exaggerating or I just worry too much. But really, it is a bit viral. Well, I am not really blaming them. These postal workers are just fighting for their right.

Anyway, I didn't really mind going home early because I had been wanting so much to render our house a good clean and floor polishing which I had not done for months. Also I wanted to visit some shops. You see, I go to work early in the morning and finish late in the afternoon and when I get back to the city most shops are closing already. But this is life in the UK. Shops close at 5 or 6 pm so for me who works 15 away from the city when I come home in the afternoon there is not much to do really. And I think it sucks! It's always like this all year round.

Meanwhile At work while I was slowly doing my job my mind was already here where I am sitting on the bed with laptop on my lap and blogging about this. But I didn't do it right away. Like I said, I visited some shops and quickly bought a pair of black pants labelled "12-13 yrs old". Yea I have to shop for clothes in the kids' department because of my petite size. It actually favours my pocket because it's cheaper (grins).