Monday, 23 May 2011

Another loophole in the UK state welfare

Upon arrival at London Stansted on Saturday, the supposedly "doom's day", my husband picked up a free daily that I didn't get to read until this morning. I had to unpack our luggage and do other house chores after coming back from a 9-day holiday in Sicily, Italy.

Anyway, what caught my most interest was about the Romanian gypsies who register themselves as self-employed by selling Big Issue magazines and are therefore given National Insurance numbers which, then, entitle them to claim benefits and build mansions back in their home country. The article, entitled, "Benefits Boulevard: Gypsies' gaudy mansions built in Romania... with YOUR money", by Sue Reid, tells how these people perform their modus operandi in a rather subtle kind of deception. There seems to have nothing illegal with what they are doing but this is absolutely a kick in the teeth.

I have worked in a winery, a playground, a hospital ward, and an office earning a meagre pittance. All on a temporary basis which means if I was on a sick leave I wouldn't get paid. And this story of fraudulent people abusing the benefit system is highly intolerable for me.

Is the UK government incompetent and inefficient in dealing with this issue? This is not the first time someone has abused the system. But they never seem to learn.

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