Sunday, 25 July 2010

England doesn't seem to be a safe place to live after all

Man detained after bride-to-be has throat cut

Moat raped and beat me says ex-girlfriend

These are just the latest on the news. Well, the Moat story isn't new anymore but his has sparked mixed reactions from the public. One group abhorred him, the other hailed him as a hero apparently for keeping the police on their toes. But what about family of his victims?

Anyway, like I said these are just a few of the crimes that are apparently getting rampant across the UK. Most of them don't really get the biggest headlines but still the number is significant. England, as I feel, isn't a safe place to live after all.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband found his car vandalized one morning. A couple of times I passed by a couple having a row and I was too scared to even notice it. I was scared that one of them would jump on my back and use me as weapon to get what he wanted. That's why I don't walk too much anymore.

Sometime ago, Mylene Klass was apprehended by police for showing a kitchen knife to a trespasser. Instead of protecting her, the police told her off. Of course she was gutted. At about the same time a man who chased and beat a burglar who threatened the wife and children was imprisoned for assaulting the criminal. The defender became the criminal. The justice system in this country has truly gone shambolic.

Many times when I read a daily I almost always see a news about a elderly who get beaten and sometimes killed by a yob after robbing them. Too sad. UK crime rate seems to be escalating every now and then.