Sunday, 13 June 2010

£300 to get my name on the mortgage

Last week, a solicitor came by to talk my husband into the supposedly "best mortgage". One good thing about the credit crunch is that the mortgage interest rate went down. That means we are going to pay less this year. However, since my husband bought the house some 5 years ago or 3 years before we even met, the mortgage was in his sole name. Now the solicitor suggested that it would be better to put down my name in a joint account so we could get higher value/loan as they will have to combine our earnings. But it would cost us a whooping £300! To be honest that would be my two-week pay! Are they serious?

I think there are more solicitors than doctors in this country. Why do they charge so much for things that are so simple?

Surprisingly, this is not just my bigoted opinion. When I googled for an image for "solicitor" to add to this post they suggested phrases and one of them was "solicitors from hell! Ha! Ha!
Take a look at this.