Friday, 23 April 2010

Cancelled flights to and from UK: Counting blessings

This is how UK airports looked like in the past few days when European air traffic agency ordered airports to shut down. Meanwhile, across the globe hundreds of thousands of stranded Britons littered the airports. I don't know if I could consider myself lucky. Maybe I would. First, I was lucky that volcanic disruption happened the day after I arrived in Sicily. But my return flight was cancelled and since I only took five days off I am worried about the extended week because I won't get paid.

Still I am lucky--or I would like to think so--because I got more time off from work. I got more time to eat Sicilian food. I got more time to enjoy Sicilian weather and so on and so forth. I'm lucky that my return flight was cancelled a few days before and not on that day I was going to the airport.

But still I can't fully rejoice as I think of the other Britons who were stranded at the airports. Such an isolated volcanic eruption but the effect was "global" in the sense that all flights to and from UK were cancelled. Oh, well, I better enjoy the rest of my extended holiday.