Saturday, 19 December 2009

Christmas sales: They just want to make you spend

On Thursday I came home early because there was not many things to do. I was sad because I would get less money but also I was happy I had time to go around shops. However, because I knew what I wanted to buy and what I needed so I was kinda focused and was not buying on impulse. First I went to look for a nice party dress that's not gonna cost me an arm and a leg and I did find one for £10 which is really a good bargain.

Next I needed a pair of warm tights made of wool. So I went to H&M where almost everything is on SALE! I could have easily acted on impulse and swipe my credit card but then I realized comes January I would be driven up the wall at my unwise spendings. I really hate spending my money before I earn it except for extreme emergencies. Luckily I found what I needed--a pair of leg warmers made of wool. They are really warm and feel so soft on the skin.

Then I thought I also needed this and that--because they are on sale. So I picked flannel hat but again decided I really don't need it and so back it went to the shelf.

After paying for my item, I went to look for other stuff on sale but ended up not buying anything else anymore.

This time of the year you just can't ignore the magnetic effect of the word "Sale" written in bright red or white against a red background. And many people spend so much thinking that they got a good bargain. Sometimes or many times people buy things they don't even need or want just because they are incredibly cheap. Then they come home and realized they didn't even want it. Unfortunately some items on sale have a "no return" policy while some can only be returned within 7 days as opposed to 28 days on regular priced items.

At the end of the day I realized those shops just want people to spend their money by offering sales. They know people would be giving away gifts and they would suggest this and that which most of the time are actually just a waste of money because they are not useful stuff.

Well, folks this is just my two cents.